Confidently Accelerate Your Career Growth and Projects Success Rates

With The Direct and Continuous Support of Top Industry Experts in a Private Inner Circle 

Specifically Designed for Growth-minded Professionals Like You

Imagine standing at the pinnacle of your career, your name synonymous with innovation and success within the project management world. Are you prepared to ascend to that peak? The journey upward requires more than just hard work and ambition—it calls for a roadmap to excellence.

You're not alone if you've yet to chart this course. Many skilled project professionals, perhaps just like you, navigate an ever-thickening jungle of complex projects and rising expectations. Every day seems to bring a new challenge, each more daunting than the last.

In this rapidly evolving business landscape, those who thrive are the ones who adapt with agility, who zero in on delivering true value, who understand their customers' heartbeat, and who execute with precision and efficiency.

But how do you transition from surviving to thriving, from participating to leading, from being a player to becoming a champion in your field?

The secret lies in unlocking the collective wisdom of those who have already paved the path to success. Imagine having direct access to a council of seasoned experts, a fellowship of peers who speak your language, who share your challenges, and who celebrate your victories. A circle where each conversation could be the key to solving a problem or the spark for an innovative idea.

Today, we’re excited to unveil this sanctuary for growth—a community carefully constructed for project professionals seeking transformation. Welcome to an exclusive hub where you can learn from the best, share your expertise, and forge a future bright with achievement. Here, education, support, and collaboration are not just promises—they are everyday experiences.

This is your invitation to join a league of extraordinary professionals. To not just witness change but to drive it. To not just reach your goals but to exceed them. To not just dream of a fulfilling career but to live it.

Welcome to a place where your professional journey becomes an epic adventure. Welcome to the community we've crafted for you.

Welcome to the Next Chapter of Your Success Story

Empowered Project Professionals
Inner Circle (EPPIC)

Imagine a world where you're not just managing projects, but mastering them. Where every step in your career feels like a leap forward. That world is EPPIC – a place where your professional growth is not just a possibility, but a guarantee.

EPPIC is more than a program; it’s a journey into the heart of excellence, designed exclusively for project professionals like you who are driven by purpose, committed to continuous learning, and eager to carve their own path to greatness.


Here’s how EPPIC elevates your career story:

☑️ Guidance from the Best: Regular mentorship from top industry experts. It's like having a personal board of advisors guiding every step of your career.

☑️ Elite Networking: Join masterminds with peers who challenge you to step out of your comfort zone, boosting your confidence and helping you reach your career objectives.

☑️ Tailored Training and Resources: Fill your knowledge gaps in project management and leadership. Stay proactive and ahead with the right training and resources.

☑️ Tech Trends and Insights: Stay on top of emerging trends in project management technology and learn how to seamlessly integrate them into your work.

☑️ Practical Skills: Receive hands-on tips and tricks on tools and skills essential for modern project controls and project leadership, ready to be applied in your projects.

☑️ Personal and Professional Growth: Engage in challenges that accelerate both your personal and professional development in a community that supports and inspires.

☑️ Creative Problem-Solving: Join a trusted environment where new ideas flourish and creative solutions to complex problems are the norms.


EPPIC is uniquely powerful yet remarkably affordable. It’s a safe space where you'll regularly gain insights, training, and support. It's where confidence is built, gaps in knowledge are bridged, and career heights previously unimagined are reached.

EPPIC is not just a program; it's a commitment to your future. Here, you work on what matters most, with focused guidance from a trusted network of experts, ensuring you have the right solutions when faced with challenges, while maintaining continuous motivation.

Bian Mutang Tagal

Senior Planner

To be honest, the EPPIC program is fun! The different segments are well thought-out and I can see the intent is to provide a well-rounded, value-added experience to the EPPIC member. Within weeks of joining I had made acquaintances with several members of different cultures and ages - in the Epic Masterminds segment. Then I rubbed virtual shoulders with industry experts and thought leaders and even asked a few questions (with excellent replies) - in the Epic Expert Engagement segment. It's truly a humbling experience for someone that's just shy of his first 10 career years. Then there are the other segments which are great in their own right. Somewhere along the way, I even got persuaded into giving a drone presentation - in the Epic Labs segment. So, if you're looking not just for something different - because the EPPIC program IS different - but for value-packed, forward-looking content and features packaged in a modern and clean look, then the EPPIC program is just right for you. 

EPPIC Segments

The EPPIC program is meticulously crafted into six transformative segments, each designed to accelerate your growth and enhance your expertise in the realm of project controls and project leadership.

Epic Expert Engagement

Dive into the heart of professional growth with our live, monthly sessions featuring industry experts and thought leaders. These intimate engagements provide you with direct access to the wisdom of top experts, allowing you to ask pointed questions, gain insights on specialized topics, and receive tailored tools and strategies. It’s an opportunity to interact closely with thought leaders in a way that goes beyond the scope of ordinary events—a truly epic experience reserved for our inner circle members.


Epic One-on-One

Imagine having personalized access to a seasoned advisor or coach for a one-on-one consultation. Here, you can delve into your unique challenges, seeking personal advice and actionable guidance. This exceptional access to sought-after expertise, typically reserved for those with deep connections or significant resources, is now available to you as part of your EPPIC membership.


Epic Mastermind & Networking

Embark on a collaborative voyage with our EPPIC mastermind session. Upon enrollment, you'll be welcomed into a dynamic network where you'll engage in live calls, set ambitious goals, and partake in a collective journey of professional elevation. The mastermind experience fosters deep connections and a robust network that are instrumental in fast-tracking your success, transcending the limits of conventional conferences and networking events.


Epic Education

Our commitment to your growth extends to an exclusive educational platform, empowering you with cutting-edge knowledge and skills. From technical knowledge to leadership and communication, the Epic Education segment prepares you to excel. You're also invited to contribute content, sharing your own expertise and shaping the future of our community, positioning you as a leader and innovator within the EPPIC program.


Epic Technology

Stay at the forefront of project management technology with the Epic Technology segment. Here, you'll receive hands-on advice and learn about the latest tools and practices that can revolutionize the way you work. Participate in member-only workshops, engage with tech startups, and exchange best practices, ensuring you're always equipped with the most advanced and effective solutions.

Epic Challenge Zone

Challenge yourself and the community with monthly objectives that push the boundaries of your capabilities. Whether you're tackling a challenge set by us or presenting your own for the community, the Epic Challenge Zone is a space for growth, innovation, and recognition of your contributions.

The Epic Community: Where Magic Happens

The heartbeat of the EPPIC initiative is our Epic Community, a dynamic and thriving hub that brings all our transformative segments under one roof. This is where you'll engage with every facet of the EPPIC experience—from expert sessions to personal mentorship, from mastermind groups to innovative challenges. Beyond these structured segments, the Epic Community serves as a fertile ground for sharing triumphs, drawing inspiration, and immersing yourself in enriching live events. Here, connections go deeper than mere networking—they evolve into enduring professional bonds, shaping a shared vision for the future.

Marcel Corbet

Senior Project Planner

As a founding member of the EPPIC program, I have been able to meet new fellow project controls members, learn from experts and meet them via Epic Expert Engagement sessions, and get motivated by the program to take the next steps for growing my professional career. I highly recommend this program to all project professionals.

Is This Program for Me?

Is EPPIC the right fit for you? Let’s find out. If you're a project professional eager to scale the career ladder all the way to the top, EPPIC has been crafted with you in mind. It's for the go-getters who don't just want to meet the evolving demands of the project management world but want to stay a step ahead, continually growing both in their careers and personal lives. EPPIC's distinctive blend of expert guidance, cutting-edge education, and a nurturing community is tailored for those who recognize that learning is a lifelong journey and are ready to put new skills into action.

EPPIC is more than a program—it's a professional haven where you can rub shoulders with industry giants and build alliances with peers who share your drive and dedication. If networking and collaborative growth resonate with you, and if you're looking for a space where mentorship and group synergy can unlock new levels of understanding and capability, then EPPIC is where you belong. It's an environment that not only fosters learning but also celebrates your progress with tangible recognitions that speak volumes about your dedication to professional excellence.

In essence, EPPIC is the perfect partner for project professionals who are not content with the status quo and are on a quest for a comprehensive growth experience. If leading the pack in your field with confidence, knowledge, and an empowered network sounds like your next chapter, then EPPIC is poised to turn that page with you.


Who Is This Program NOT For?

EPPIC is crafted for those who seek active engagement in their professional growth, are keen on integrating into a vibrant learning community, and are on a quest for continuous improvement and advancement in the project management field. If this doesn't sound like the path you're on, EPPIC may not be the ideal fit for you.

Sonam Gyeltshen

Executive Engineer, Primavera Analyst

As a member of this wonderful program, I have been able to enhance my professional connections, accomplish some of the long overdue personal tasks, gain new insights from the community, resolve some of the challenges faced at work, learned unique and innovative ways to complete tasks, and learn the importance of work-life balance among others in the daily life works. The value of the EPPIC program to its members is beyond professional enhancement and growth, which is highly commendable. I look forward to the program ever more with enthusiasm and greater vigor. As the benefits from EPPIC program outweighs the value of time and worth of money that we invest in, I encourage and recommend all Project Professionals from across the globe to join the EPPIC program to experience the growth focussed learning experience through the program.

Join the EPPIC Program and unlock a treasure trove of benefits that are simply too good to pass up!


Membership Certificate

Each year you renew, you'll receive a sleek EPPIC membership certificate via email, showcasing your commitment and achievements. 


Membership Badge

Showcase your EPPIC status with an official digital membership badge, renewed annually, marking you as a respected member of our elite circle.


EPP Designation

Step into the limelight as an Empowered Project Professional (EPP), a title that heralds your dedication and capability to excel in your field.

Same Renewal Fee

Lock in your annual membership fee at today's rate, securing your place in the program against any future price increases. If the fee drops, so will your renewal cost – it's our promise to you.

Experience VIP Treatment

As an Elite member, receive a VIP upgrade (valued at $400) to this premier industry conference, enhancing your learning and networking experience.


Special Member Discounts

Take advantage of special offers for Project Control Academy's top-tier training programs, ensuring you get the best for less.

Showcase Your Expertise

You'll have the stage to share your insights and knowledge with fellow members and the broader Project Professional Network, enriching the community and your professional profile.

Extended Course Access

Wave goodbye to the one-year access limit to your courses. Maintain your Elite membership, and your learning never expires, saving you $400+ per year per course extension! 


Stand Out in the Community

Your commitment as an Elite or Pro member will be visibly recognized in our Epic and PPN Communities, highlighting your premium status.


Get the Support You Need

From Zoom calls to resolve urgent matters to various channels for everyday queries, we're here to support you every step of the way.


Earn While You Learn

Your active participation could translate to Professional Development Hours, contributing to your continuing education credits! 


Access on the Go

Access the EPPIC segments and community interactions on any device, anytime, anywhere – learning has never been so convenient.


Safe, Secure, and Exclusive

Enjoy peace of mind with secure access to all EPPIC content and community interactions, protected by your personal login credentials.


Always Open, Always Here

The EPPIC community never sleeps. Engage with all our resources and your fellow professionals 24/7, from wherever you might be! 


Connect & Grow Together

Our private online community is the heart of EPPIC, a space dedicated to member interaction, growth, and collaborative learning.

John Kvist Østergaard

Planning Coordinator

As a founding member of the EPPIC program, I have had a good learning experience. Talking to the experts and other members of the EPPIC program has been very helpful and interesting. I highly recommend the EPPIC program and other Project Control Academy's services.

Jackie Gilliland

CEO, Gilbel Project Solutions

The EPPIC program provides a great opportunity of sharing and networking with like-minded members of the industry as well as the opportunity to connect and learn from industry leaders.


What Is the Membership Fee?

EPPIC offers two membership levels: Elite level grants full access to all six program segments, while Pro level includes select content and recordings. Each tier is designed to cater to your specific aspirations and to guide you towards a brighter professional future.


$85 $75/month

Or $730/year

That is only $2 per day

  • ELITE member of the Empowered Project Professionals Inner Circle
  • Direct support of technical experts, thought leaders, and executives through Epic Expert Engagement monthly live sessions
  • Opportunity for one-on-one live coaching and mentoring through Epic One-on-One
  • Unique networking experience in live masterminds that enable you to upgrade your mindset and go above and beyond through Epic Mastermind
  • Access to exclusive educational material through Epic Education
  • Access to Epic Technology for exploring technology trends, attending technology workshops, and sharing ideas, etc.
  • Participation in monthly challenge invites through Epic Challenge Zone
  • Full access to the EPPI Community for exclusive networking, conversations, discussions, getting answers to your questions, providing feedback, etc.
  • Opportunity to contribute in any way you can and get rewarded for your contributions
  • 24/7 access to all resources, recordings, educational material, and support via EPPIC's private and secure membership area and community platform
  • Official EPPIC's membership badge and certificate 
  • Professional Development Hours earned based on your contribution annually
  • EPP (Empowered Project Professional) designation 
  • Special discounts exclusive to the EPPIC members
  • Complimentary upgrade of your General Admission ticket to VIP ticket for attending Project Control Summit
  • Extended access to your courses with Project Control Academy at no cost (saving you $400+ per course access extension per year)
  • $290/year discount off the regular membership fee
Become an Elite Member >>



Or $300/year

That is only $0.82 per day

  • PRO member of the EPPIC program
  • Access to the recordings of the live Epic Expert Engagement sessions
  • Access to exclusive educational material through Epic Education
  • Access to Epic Technology Space for exploring technology trends, attending technology workshops, sharing ideas, etc.
  • Participation in monthly challenge invites through Epic Challenge Zone
  • Access to EPPIC Community for exclusive networking, conversations, discussions, getting answers to your questions, providing feedback, etc.
  • Opportunity to contribute in any way you can and get rewarded for your contributions
  • 24/7 access to all resources, selected recordings, educational material, and support via EPPIC's private and secure membership area and community platform
  • Official EPPIC's membership badge and certificate 
  • Professional Development Hours earned based on your contribution annually
  • EPP (Empowered Project Professional) designation
  • $60/year discount off the regular monthly membership fee
Become a Pro Member >>

Unlock an extraordinary future in project controls and project management with the EPPIC program, where the value received far outweighs the investment. Imagine investing in yourself, not just annually or monthly, but daily – and for less than the cost of your morning coffee, you could be part of a fantastic community of like-minded project professionals with premium content and support. For those serious about professional and personal advancement, the minimal daily investment is a clear path to immeasurable rewards.

While many organizations demand hefty fees for minimal benefits, EPPIC stands apart. With a wealth of resources, expert guidance, and a vibrant community at your disposal, the small daily contribution to become an Elite or Pro member is a testament to the program's affordability and its commitment to your growth.

Don't just watch the future unfold – shape it. Join EPPIC today and experience a transformative journey that propels you ahead of the curve, ensuring that every day is a step toward greater success. With EPPIC, the return on your investment is not just promising; it's a given. Take the leap into a world where growth is not just a goal, but a daily reality.

Audrey Robinson-Seurig

Project Controller

The EPPIC program provides great opportunities for networking with other project professionals through the Epic Community.