Claims Prevention & Resolution


Manage Project Changes, Costs, and Schedule Claims

Are you prepared to effectively navigate the complexities of changes, cost, and delay claims in your projects?

Change is inevitable, but it's crucial to know how to manage it properly. Unresolved change requests, including the Extension of Time (EOT) requests, can escalate to a "formal claim" for additional time and money to complete the project.

Do you have the necessary tools, best practices, and strategies to handle unresolved change requests that could lead to cost or schedule claims?

Are you equipped with forensic schedule delay analysis techniques to either support or challenge such claims?

If your answer to any of these questions is NO, you are not alone.

Many project professionals struggle with resolving project claims and disputes. They don’t know how to apply established methodologies to analyze claims.

Managers often cannot close dispute issues because the available information is incomplete or inaccurate.

Consequently, you may find yourself trapped in a frustrating cycle of back-and-forth submissions, negotiations, or claim rejections. This can occur at various stages, from initial change requests to EOT requests, further escalating into a formal claim or even disputes.

Any form of claim in projects that is not resolved, even a simple change request, can become costly and result in both time and monetary losses for your company.

To mitigate these risks and ensure successful project management, it's crucial to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge and expertise in managing changes, claims, and disputes effectively. By implementing established methodologies and leveraging forensic schedule delay analysis techniques, you can confidently navigate through project complexities and safeguard your company from potential losses.

That’s why we have developed a complete fundamental claims prevention and resolution training package, covering these three important topics of “Project Change Management”, “Project Claims Management”, and “Forensic Schedule Delay Analysis”.


Claims Prevention & Resolution Training Package

The Claims Prevention & Resolution Training Package, consists of the following three essential and practical components:

Project Change Management

The Project Change Management component equips you with clear-cut strategies and best practices for managing project changes. It introduces you to project change management concepts and processes and provides you with a solid foundation for project change management.

You will learn best practices on how to implement a systematic process for managing change, reduce conflicts when changes occur, incorporate changes through the contractual resolution process, and reduce the instance of claims.

Click here to explore full details about Change Management

Project Claims Management

The Project Change Management component equips you with clear-cut strategies and best practices for managing project changes. It introduces you to project change management concepts and processes and provides you with a solid foundation for project change management.

You will learn best practices on how to implement a systematic process for managing change, reduce conflicts when changes occur, incorporate changes through the contractual resolution process, and reduce the instance of claims.

Click here to explore full details about Claims Management

Essentials of Forensic Schedule Delay Analysis

The Essentials of Forensic Schedule Delay Analysis component empowers you and any project professional with little or no experience in forensic delay analysis to understand the underlying concepts of forensic delay analysis, the strategies for applying forensic schedule analysis, and assess the analysis of another party.

The material shared in this component of the training package equips you with best practices and strategies to effectively deal with delay claims. Furthermore, it dives into two of the most common forensic schedule analysis methods with detailed examples and even new software applications.

Click here to explore details about Delay Analysis component

As you go through these training components, the instructor will be available at every stage to answer your questions and suggest solutions to problems.


Don't let inadequate project change and claims management lead to financial setbacks. Invest in this comprehensive training bundle to ensure your projects are equipped to handle changes, claims, and delays effectively.

How Does It Work?

All three components of this training package are delivered online. As soon as you enroll, you’ll get access to the first week of training for each  component included in the training package and can start immediately. 

To access the training package, all you need is a high-speed Internet connection via Google Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer 9 or newer. You also need a login ID & Passcode to our private and secure learning management system (LMS), which is provided via email once you enroll. 

The LMS platform we use is accessible via desktop computer, laptop, as well as mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Tablets, etc.

You can either follow the program according to the weekly content and finish each training component within 3-4 weeks on average. You’ll have access to the training package material for one year after your enrollment. You can refer to the training videos and material at any time. 

You'll also have access to the instructor via the course LMS for one year to get guidance and support and answer your questions. 

We won’t leave you alone in your learning journey with us and will be there to support you during your one-year access and beyond.

What You’ll Gain Upon the Completion of This Training Package

This training package aims to equip you with best practices and strategies in project change management, claims management, and forensic schedule delay analysis.

In simple words, this training package will guide you from start to finish, ensuring you gain the knowledge and skills needed to effectively prevent and resolve claims in your projects.

Upon completion of the training package, you'd be well-equipped to handle the complexities of change, adeptly manage claims, and utilize forensic schedule delay analysis techniques with confidence.

Imagine getting firsthand insights, strategies, and best practices for managing project changes and dealing with delay claims from an industry through leader who has contributed to the development of industry best practices and guidelines on the topics, Mark Sanders!

What if you can minimize unresolved changes that are likely to lead to claims?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you get equipped with forensic delay analysis best practices and strategies to effectively deal with delay claims?

How about helping your company resolve project claims equitably and efficiently?

Regardless of your level of experience or your involvement in project claims and delay analysis, the principles shared in each component of the training package will take your knowledge to a new level and gives you a competitive edge in your career.

Furthermore, upon successfully completing each component of the training package, you will be awarded an official certificate of completion for that component. Additionally, you'll earn 8-12 Professional Development Units for each training package component, which you can apply towards your professional accreditations..

By the time you finish the three components in this training package, you will have accumulated a total of three certificates of completion and 30 Professional Development Units ( 30 PDUs or 3 CEUs).

This impressive achievement will undoubtedly enhance your professional credentials and demonstrate your commitment to continuous growth and development.


You can be the ONE who can gain control of your project claims, whether the claim arises from an unresolved change request or a delay claim.

What Is UNIQUE About This Training Package?

There are several key points about this training package that makes it unique:

➡️  Essential Yet Practical Training on the Topic

Drawn from the instructor’s extensive experience in managing projects in various sizes and industry sectors, you can apply the concepts in each part of the training package to your current project. Each example and exercise brought in the training package can be adapted or expanded for your own projects.

➡️  A Comprehensive Journey from Change Initiation to Claims Resolution

Through the series of training components in this package, you'll develop a well-rounded comprehension of the entire claims' prevention and resolution process, from change initiation to claims resolution.

Get ready to elevate your expertise to new heights and expand your knowledge like never before.

➡️  Alignment with Industry Best Practices and Driven from Proven Strategies That Work

Each part of this training package is aligned with the industry's best practices. You’ll get first-hand insights from the instructor, Mark Sanders, who participated in developing the recommended practices.  He has worked with AACE, ASCE, EPRI, and PMI to publish those standard practices.

Furthermore, the instructor transfers the knowledge he gained over 25+ years in managing small to large-scale projects in different industries, including electric utility, fossil, nuclear, renewable generation, oil and gas, and transportation. You’ll learn his proven methods and techniques on what works .

➡️  Applicable to Any Project Professional at Many Points in Their Career

This training package provides a structured overview of the lifecycle of project change management, project claim, and forensic delay analysis, and there are many roles that you can fill from managing changes to helping in preventing and resolving claims.

➡️  One Year Access to All Course Material and Instructor Support

You’ll have one-year access to all course material including lecture recordings, discussions, and course Q&As, so when you apply your learning in your next project, all the study material is available for your use.

➡️  One Year Support & Access to the Instructor Support

You won’t be left alone in your learning journey. You can ask the instructor any relevant question during your course access for one full year. This service alone is PRICELESS.

➡️  Continuous Learning & Support 

You get new Project Controls training material and resources on a weekly basis as well as monthly masterclasses to ensure your continuous learning.

➡️  Three Official Certificates Of Completion And 30 PDUs  

Upon successful completion of each component in this all-inclusive training package, you will receive an official certificate of completion. Upon completion of the full training package, you would have earned three certificates and 30 Professional Development Units (30 PDUs or 3 CEUs) in total.

➡️  The Most Reasonable Price for Three Awesome Training Components  

According to the market research analysis of other courses in the market, you will get the most value for the money invested in this training package.

Who Is This Training Package For?

Tailored with project team members like you in mind, this training package caters to a diverse range of roles, including project managers, asset managers, stage-gate committee members, project controls managers, project planners/schedulers, cost controllers, and anyone involved in project change management, claims management, or delay analysis.

This comprehensive training package acts as your ultimate guide, equipping you with the necessary strategies and tools to build an effective change management system, managing project claims, from claims initiation to claims resolution, and adeptly handling delay claims.

You’ll learn the best practices and practical strategies at every step of the process

Who Is This Training NOT For?

This training package is NOT for those who….

❌  Are not working in project-based organizations

❌  Have no background in the execution of engineering and construction projects

❌  Don’t have a basic understanding of project management concepts

❌  Don’t deal with project changes or have no interest in project change management best practices and strategies

❌  Don’t intend to participate in or support contract management activities in your projects

Are There Any Pre-Requisites to This Training?

This training package is intended for any project professional keen on learning the proven strategies and best practices in managing changes, resolving project claims, and forensic schedule delay analysis.

You should have an understanding of contract management processes on engineering and construction projects, including familiarity with project controls processes and various commercial contracting arrangements to best understand the training material.

Having an understanding of the mechanics of CPM scheduling—critical path, float, constraints, concurrency—and a general understanding of execution sequence, means, and methods of engineering, procurement, and construction are also recommended

Is Any Software Required for The Course Case Study?


No specific software is required for going through the training package or the case study at the end of each component of the training package.

For the essentials of forensic delay analysis part, Primavera P6 is recommended for the execution of the hands-on case study. However, the exercise could be completed by hand or using a spreadsheet software to perform calculations

This Training Package Comes with Awesome Benefits and Bonuses that You Cannot Miss!

24/7 Access for 12 Months

Study at your own pace, whatever time of night or day it happens to be or wherever in the world you might be. You will have full access to the training package and its material for one year from the time of your registration.

Official Certificate of Completion and PDUs

Receive 3 official certificates of completion upon successful completion of the training package and claim 30 Professional Development Units (PDUs) earned toward maintaining your license(s) with professional associations.

Course Material & Supportive Documents

Get the PDF copy of the course slides as well as additional reading material and resources.

Case Studies

Solve in-depth case studies that help you comprehend the training content and enable you to experiment the real-life projects.

Private and Secure

Get access to all the training materials on our secure and robust learning management system using your private username and password.

Mobile Friendly

Get access to the training via computer, laptop, as well as mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Tablets, etc. This makes your learning more flexible & adaptable.

Access To "Ask The Instructor Forum" (Value: PRICELESS)

Get access to a private course environment for Q&As, where the instructor personally answers your questions on a weekly basis.

Depending on the number of questions on the training provided, we may also conduct quarterly live Q&A sessions with the instructor.

Special Alumni Discounts (Value: Up to $600)

Receive exclusive discounts ($150 to $300) on future online training programs with Project Control Academy upon the successful completion of each component of this package package.

What Is the Tuition?

When you register today, in addition to getting exclusive 12-month access to the Claims Prevention and Resolution training package, you will also get a 12-month complimentary service and bonus training. The value of the benefits and bonuses alone exceeds the tuition! Additionally, if you enroll in each training component separately, your total investment would be $1,797.   

Your investment:

Only $1797 $1497
for full access to the entire training package and its benefits & bonuses


Every company, especially those engaged in executing complex engineering and construction projects, needs skilled practitioners who can correctly apply tested methods to resolve claims and disputes efficiently and equitably.

But most project professionals don’t have sufficient skillsets or knowledge to effectively manage project changes and resolve claims.

You can be the ONE who can gain control of your project claims, whether the claim arises from an unresolved change request or a delay claim.

The return on this small investment will be substantial once you apply your learning and lead others to a holistic understanding of claims management. This will accelerate your career growth.

Claims Prevention & Resolution 
Online Training Package

✔  3 Online training components (Project Change Management, Project Claims Management, and Essentials of Forensic Schedule Delay Analysis) in one comprehensive training package

✔  12  months of access to the instructor

✔  24/7 access to the training material for 12 months

✔  Great benefits and bonuses you don't want to miss

✔  3 official certificates of completion and 30 PDUs

✔  Course material and supportive documents

✔  Private and secure learning management system

One Payment Option

One Payment of $1797 $1497 USD

Save $300 Off the Regular Fee


3-Payment Option

3 Payments of $627 $520 USD Each

1st Payment Today



At Project Control Academy, we’re absolutely confident that you will be satisfied with our Claims Prevention & Resolution Training Package or your money back. If after taking the training, you don’t feel 100% satisfied with the content or quality for ANY reason, then within 15 days of your purchase approach us and request your money back. We’ll fully refund your payment. This means that you can try this course for 15-days completely risk-free. That’s how confident we are you’ll be happy with this training. We will NOT waste your time.

Any Questions? Please check our FAQs page

Instructor’s Journey in Mastering Project Claims Management

Mark Sanders, P.E.

Director of Projects, Alpha 3 Consulting

Mark Sanders is a well-recognized industry expert in project delivery with over 25 years of experience. He has successfully managed projects in the electric utility; fossil, nuclear, and renewable generation; oil and gas; and transportation sectors.

Mark is a sought-after speaker, presenter, and trainer on topics related to forensic delay analysis, productivity analysis, change management, claims and dispute resolution, project development, project scheduling, budgeting, and execution, and project management.

He is serving on the board of directors for AACE International and has contributed to the development of several AACE recommended practices and guidelines, including Forensic Schedule Analysis and Estimating Lost Labor Productivity in Construction Claims. He has also been a contributing author for the “Schedule Delay Analysis, Standard ANSI/ASCE/CI 67-17,” American Society of Civil Engineers.

Currently, Mark is serving as the Director of Projects at Alpha 3 Consulting, supporting projects in the U.S. energy and transportation sectors. He is also a Senior Consultant and Partner with QDR International, providing project execution and construction claims consulting on international projects, particularly in Latin America.

Mark is a Registered Professional Engineer in four U.S. states – DE, MD, PA, WI. He is also a licensed law practitioner. He is acknowledged by AACE International as the Certified Cost Professional (CCP), Certified Forensic Claims Consultant (CFCC), and Planning & Scheduling Professional (PSP). He is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), and Portfolio Management professional (PfMP).


Register now to discover how you can employ a systematic process for preventing and resolving project claims

One Payment Option

One Payment of $1797 $1497 USD

Save $300 Off the Regular Fee


3-Payment Option

3 Payments of $627 $520 USD Each

1st Payment Today

Shohreh Ghorbani

Founder & Technical Director, Project Control Academy

This training equips you with best practices and strategies that help you prevent and resolve project claims. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from one of the industry's thought leaders.
You can stand out among your peers and add value to your projects by gaining a holistic view of the project claims management process and applying strategies that actually work.
And we are here to support you in getting there!