Did you know that one of the primary reasons for claims and disputes in projects is schedule "delays"?

As a matter of fact, schedule delays happen in projects, which may lead to Extension of Time (EoT) requests.

Often EoT requests are not resolved because the analysis methodology was an estimate and the delay has been absorbed, or the analysis methodology is insufficient to properly identify and resolve delays. This would lead to “extended negotiations with little resolution” or “claims”.

Negotiations may extend into formal dispute resolution using attorneys.  These extended resolution efforts can increase costs to resolve due to attorney and staff time. High costs are usually spent in claim & dispute resolution. On the other hand, claims are considered as failures of the project goals.

According to the Arcadis “Global Construction Disputes 2017” study, the second leading cause for disputes is “poorly drafted or incomplete and unsubstantiated claims”.

As stated earlier, one of the primary reasons for claims is project delays.

What Is the Solution?

Failure to provide good forensic schedule delay analysis is a main contributing factor to the second leading cause of disputes, all resulting in a failure to resolve claims in a timely manner.

Early detailed forensic schedule delay analysis, presented in a clear and convincing manner, can provide detailed calculated assessment of quantum and responsibility which helps resolve issues & conflicts in early negotiations.

Forensic schedule delay analysis is not important just in claims on completed projects, but just as important to resolve delays that have been absorbed into the schedule during the project.

If you think of this as similar to costs, an Owner would rarely allow a Contractor to provide an estimate or a guess about a time & material change order.  Since the change order work is completed, the Owner wants the Contractor to submit actual costs, and time is exactly the same, when the time is completed for the change order (delay is absorbed).

“The only appropriate way to analyze an absorbed delay is by use of the right forensic schedule delay analysis.”

Whenever a project delay causes a project to complete late, someone spends money; the Contractor pays liquidated damages costs or the Owner pays extended general conditions costs.  The large values associated with these fees combined with the complexity of analysis makes forensic schedule delay analysis very important.

The Challenges

Planners/Schedulers are often asked to identify and analyze delays and conduct forensic schedule delay analysis without having proper understanding of analysis methodologies and techniques.

Most Project Control professionals do not have formal training in forensic delay analysis.

There is not comprehensive forensic schedule delay analysis training program in the market.

Does it resonate with you?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could learn how to properly implement the schedule delay analysis methodologies in your next project, so you can proactively respond to, prevent, and minimize claims?


Forensic Schedule Delay Analysis Training

Getting the Details Right from A to Z

The good news is that Chris Carson, FRICS, FAACE, FGPC, CCM, PMP, PSP, DRMP, CEP, a world authority on forensic schedule delay analysis, is the instructor of the Forensic Schedule Delay Analysis online training.

In this comprehensive course, you will learn how to properly perform forensic schedule analysis, so you can proactively prevent claims and resolve disputes.

The Forensic Schedule Analysis training course spans over 13 sessions. Each session builds on the previous one and helps you get the details right from A to Z.

Course Outline and Agenda

  • Session 1: Background of Construction Delays and Basis of Claims 
  • Session 2: Importance of Project Source Data Quality
  • Session 3: Technical Analysis Issues and Methodology - Review of AACE Forensic Schedule Analysis Recommended Practice 
  • Session 4: Schedule Delay Analysis Methodologies- Choosing a Methodology
  • Session 5: Preferred Schedule Delay Analysis Methodologies - Contemporaneous Period Analysis (CPA), Split CPA
  • Session 6: Preferred Schedule Delay Analysis Methodologies -As-Planned vs. As-Built, Retrospective Time Impact Analysis
  • Session 7: Analysis - Causation and Responsibility Analysis
  • Session 8: Mitigation of Delay
  • Session 9: Productivity Analysis
  • Session 10: Analyzing and Calculating Damages
  • Session 11: Reporting and Presentation of Analysis
  • Session 12: Case Study MIP 3.4 Analysis
  • Session 13: Course Case Study & Discussion

How It Works

To access the training, all you need is a high-speed Internet connection via Google Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer 9 or newer. You also need a login ID & Passcode to our private and secure learning management system (LMS).

Once you register, you will receive a receipt of your enrollment along with a unique login ID and passcode to the members’ area (LMS). Once logged in, you will get instant access to ALL modules of the training.

Each module/ session takes at least two hours to complete. There are many reference materials in each module for further study. If you spare 2-3 hours per week for the training, it will take you almost 3.5 months to complete the training. However, you can take the training at your own pace. You will have access to the entire course material for one year after your enrollment. You can refer back to the course videos and material at any time.

What You Will Learn Upon the Completion of the Training

Upon successful completion of this training, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the basis of claims and how the quality of the documents affects forensic analysis
  • Understand the AACE’s “Forensic Schedule Analysis” Recommended Practice and how to implement it
  • Understand the different forensic analysis methodologies, their strengths and weaknesses
  • Learn how to appropriately choose and properly implement the delay analysis methodologies
  • Understand supporting analysis techniques such as productivity analysis
  • Learn how to determine entitlement to a claim, responsibility for delay, and quantify the delay
  • Understand how to present findings from an analysis
  • Use hands-on forensic analysis to better understand the implementation

You will be granted an official certificate of completion and 35 PMI PDUs upon successful completion of the training.

Who Is This Training For?

This training is for you if…

  • You are a project Planner/Scheduler who is trying to expand into analysis of absorbed delays and understand how to perform forensic delay analysis.
  • You are an expert witness who wants to improve your analysis methodology selections and techniques.
  • You already have been engaged in some forensic delay analysis, know some forensic techniques, but you’d like to get formal training or a better understanding of AACE Forensic Analysis.

Who Is This Training NOT For?

This training is NOT for …

  • Construction Managers or Engineers without a technical scheduling background.
  • Casual scheduling software users who want to start providing analysis but are NOT technical schedulers.

You should have a good understanding of planning/scheduling and scheduling software to partake in this training.

What Is UNIQUE about This Training?

Here are several key unique points about this training that you wouldn’t find in other training courses in the market:

1. A world authority on Forensic Schedule Delay Analysis, Chris Carson, is the instructor of this training. He has successfully resolved over 40 years of disputes in negotiations and mediations without having to litigate.

Chris Carson, the course instructor, is a top-ranked speaker and presenter of over 500 industry sessions, the author or co-author of more than 15 published AACE Recommended Practices, including:

  • “Forensic Schedule Analysis,”
  • “Identifying the Critical Path,”
  • “Planning & Accounting for Adverse Weather,”
  • “Original Baseline Schedule Review,” and
  • “Update Schedule Review.”

Mr. Carson was an Author and Editor of the book, “CPM Scheduling for Construction – Best Practices and Guidelines” published by PMI, and a contributing author for:

  • “Construction Project Scheduling and Control,” by Saleh Mubarak,
  • “Time Management Guidelines” by CMAA,
  • “Claims Management Guidelines” by CMAA.

As a member of the Expert List for the GAO (Government Accountability Office) for Cost, Schedule, and EVM (Earned Value Management) practices, he was a contributing author for the initial development of the “GAO Schedule Assessment Guide, Best Practices for project schedules.” You will have the brilliant opportunity to learn from Chris Carson, a well-recognized thought leader in Forensic Schedule Delay Analysis.

"Excellent Forensic Schedule Delay Analysis class. It was very comprehensive and covered a wide array of topics. The icing on the cake throughout the entire class was Chris Carson sharing lessons learned from his 40+ year career. Thank you!"

Trish Pulver
Senior Project Analyst, USA

"One of the best courses I had ever attended in my practical life, it gathers all of the professional experience and secrets of planning career in a set of sessions, where I never imagined that there is a course that contains such a lot of valuable priceless information that resembles real-life cases and problems in planning career."

Ahmed Fouad Abdulhamid

2. This course is the most comprehensive online course in the market.

You may find a very short list of educational providers, which deliver Forensic Schedule Delay Analysis. However, most of the available training programs in Forensic Schedule Analysis are classroom type training. You need to travel to and attend according to the scheduled dates. The classroom type training programs are usually more costly as compared to online training programs.

You may find a couple of organizations that provide online training programs on Forensic Schedule Delay Analysis topic, most of which:

  • Do not offer a detailed deep-dive training on Forensic Schedule Delay Analysis
  • Are theoretical, not practical
  • Are not aligned with industry practice standards
  • Do not provide support and leave you alone after taking the training
  • Are not developed by authors for industry best practices for well-recognized associations such as PMI, CMAA, AACE, or Planning Planet’s Guild of Project Controls.


"Firstly I want to applaud Project Control Academy for providing such a high standard training course.Thank you Shohreh. Then to Chris, for sharing your many, many years of experience and knowledge so willingly and also providing us with some very invaluable tools. The course was intense, challenging but very rewarding. It was an honor to be taught and tutored by one of the industry best. This course has provided me with the ability now to diligently tackle analysis in a structured manner and by applying what I have learnt on this course will be able to do this with confidence."

Sean Vermaak
Planning Manager, South Africa

"I was looking to enhance my knowledge of Delay Analysis for some time now but I didn’t find anything offered in the market now worth taking until I came across Project Controls Academy offering a free Webinar on Forensic Schedule Delay Analysis by Chris Carson. I have known Chris for quite some time now, I always follow his recorded webinar on Planning & Scheduling and had the pleasure of meeting him personally at the Planning Planet event in London many years back. When I learned he is doing a full course on Forensic Schedule Delay Analysis, and plus a good offer from Project Controls Academy I didn’t hesitate to enroll, and I can say this was my best online training so far! Chris gave a very detailed explanation on the topics on a very deep manner not just on the academic side of this but his 40’s of experience which I can say can’t be found on any training course. It opened my eyes on AACE’s RP 29R-03, which is the must-have reference. The course is truly value for money! I also would like to acknowledge Shohreh for her encouragement and outstanding support, 24/7. Whenever I have some issues she’s is always there happy to help, even on weekends. Shohreh and Chris, words cannot express enough my gratitude, and I look forward to applying what I have learned in my current and future projects."

Ernesto Montales, BsCE, MEM-CM, GMICE, PMP®, MAPM, MGPC
Director / Project Planning & Project Controls Consultant

The Forensic Schedule Delay Analysis training we offer provides you with:

  • Practical lessons based on experience that can only be learned from a seasoned instructor with hands-on practice in the field.
  • Step-by-step implementation and guidance, which enables you to apply your learning in a project environment immediately and achieve a significantly more robust result.
  • Full alignment with industry practice standards that allows you to speak the standard language. The course is fully aligned with the AACE Forensic Schedule Analysis Recommended Practice.
  • Hands-on case studies and examples that enable you to grasp the overall concept before approaching real-life projects.
  • Personal support. You can ask the instructor any relevant question during the course! Furthermore, you will get new training material and resources on a monthly basis to ensure your continuous learning.
  • An official certificate of completion and 35+ Professional Development Units (PDUs).

3. According to the market research of other courses in the market, we chose the most economical price for the course. You will get the most value for the money invested.

"It is a unique course, not only it covers length and breadth of AACEI’s Recommended Practice 29R-03, but it is sprinkled & blended with Chris’s 40 years of Forensic Schedule Analysis expertise throughout the training modules. I used many delay analysis techniques extensively throughout my career before, but this forensic schedule delay analysis training has opened up the various advantages of using MIP 3.3/3.4 over other methods. I am very much delighted & pleased with Chris Carson’s coaching especially the Claims Triage is the Jewel in the Crown and indeed this training will be cherished in my memory lane forever."

D. Dayanidhi
Projects Director, Informatica, Qatar

"Good opportunity to learn this Forensic Schedule Delay Analysis course, an absolute fulfillment on AACE’s RP 29R-03 studies. Literally, we have been pre-occupied for a period of time during this travel with Chris Carson, amazing and great professional experience. Significant eye opener on know how about the methodologies, like to remember “knowledge can not be given, it has to be taken”, perhaps we have been given by Mr.Chris and like to thank Shohreh as well for this learning opportunity to study, implement and practice. The claim triage technique is really awesome. Like to add an acknowledge, to whom you are real thirst to learn about delay analysis and this is the best opportunity to indulge with and to move forward."

Chockalingam Vijayarengan
Manager Project Control & Contracts, Oman

"I would like to thank Shohreh and especially Chris Carson for conducting such a knowledgeable and myth clearing course. I am happy that I am part of this endeavor. The first thing is that in 95% cases a person won’t find this course or even a similar course on the Internet and getting something from a mentor and authority like Chris is my luck and admiration for him. As a professional working in the field, I must say that this course clear many myths for me and that makes this course very important for advanced level students or knowledge seekers. The most mesmerizing of all was the Expert Witness session. At the end the cost-benefit ratio for this course is 100%, it’s a must do training for all the Planners, Cost Professionals, Claim Personals, Delay Analysts etc."

Syed Elli
Lead Planning Engineer, Qatar

"I had a difficult decision as, given the ROE, this course was going to cost me a fair amount of South African Rands that I would have to fork out of my own pocket. Today I can say with confidence that it was money well spent for not only has Chris opened my eyes to properly understand the RP but he has shared intricate knowledge and experience that any other course will find hard to match. Chris shares some of the best advice and personally developed tricks that are jaw dropping."

Hans du Toit
Costing and Planning Manager, South Africa

This Training Comes with Awesome Benefits and Bonuses that You Cannot Miss!

Access To "Ask The Instructor Forum"

Get access to a private online forum for Q&A, where the instructor personally answers your technical questions on a weekly basis.

Two Months of Complimentary Access to the EPPIC Program

Confidently accelerate your career growth and projects success rates with the direct and continuous support of top industry experts in the Empowered Project Professionals Inner Circle or EPPIC specifically designed for growth-minded project professionals like you. You will receive 2 months of complimentary access to this premium membership program valued at $208.

Special Alumni Discounts

As our valuable client, you will receive exclusive discounts on selected online training programs in our Learning Management System.

24/7 Access for 12 Months

This means you can study at your own pace, whatever time of night or day it happens to be or wherever in the world you might be. You only need an Internet connection via Google Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer 9 or newer.

You will have full access to the entire course material for one year from the time of your registration.

Official Certificate of Completion and PDUs

Receive an official certificate of completion upon successful completion of the training and claim 35 Professional Development Units (PDUs) earned toward maintaining your license(s) with professional associations.

Course Material & Supportive Docs

You will receive a copy of the slide deck along with any additional resources, such as checklists, templates, technical papers, etc.

In Depth Case Study

You will receive in-depth case studies that help you comprehend the course content and enable you to experiment the real life projects.

Private and Secure

Get access to all the training materials on our secure and robust learning management system using your private username and password.

Mobile Friendly

The course is accessible via computer, laptop, as well as mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Tablets, etc. This makes your learning more flexible & adaptable.

"I recommend this course to clients, contractors, and those who want to learn more about delay analyses to enhance your knowledge, career, or to become an expert in the forensic schedule delay analysis. Prior to this course, the best way to learn delay analysis was to work directly for an attorney, and or a contracts manager, or from a consulting firm with a staff attorney specializing in claims."

Bruce GreeSon
Senior Project Scheduler, USA

"The information provided in the course sets the principles for analyzing delays and its causation in accordance with good engineering practices (AACE® International Recommended Practice No. 29R‐03). I highly appreciate all lessons and knowledge shared by Chris Carson and the great coordination of the sessions made by Shohreh Ghorbani. This training is a great contribution for the construction community. Highly suggested."

Rafael Socarras
Contract Manager, Chile

What Is the Tuition?

When you register today, in addition to getting an exclusive 12-month access to the Forensic Schedule Delay Analysis online training program, you will also get 12-month complementary service and bonus trainings.

Your investment: Only 1397 for the entire training program and the bonuses

With $1397 investment, you can begin your journey as an expert. The return on this small investment will be substantial once you learn how to perform forensic schedule analysis in your projects and substantially save your projects from disaster and advance your career to the next level of performance.

Receive Immediate Access to 13 Sessions of Online Training with Chris Carson

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"If you have ever wanted to learn Forensic Schedule Delay Analysis, I believe no one better than Chris Carson; a well-recognized thought leader in Forensic Schedule Analysis can teach it to you. This is a brilliant opportunity to learn from one of the best in the industry."

Shohreh Ghorbani, M.Eng., PMP
Founder of Project Control Academy

About the Instructor, Chris Carson


Chris Carson is the Enterprise Director of Program & Project Controls and Associate Vice President at ARCADIS U.S., the leading global Engineering and PMCM firm. He has over 40 years’ experience in Program/Construction Management, specializing in Program/Project Controls disciplines of Planning & Scheduling, Cost Management, Risk Management, Document Control, and Forensic Analysis. His background includes educational, municipal, commercial, industrial, governmental, military, and medical projects, and other industries including facilities, infrastructure/transportation, water and waste water treatment and utilities, and environmental projects.

Mr. Carson is a recognized thought leader in industry associations including CMAA, AACE International, RICS, PMI, and the Guild of Project Controls.

As a top ranked speaker and presenter of over 500 industry sessions, Mr. Carson’s credentials also include over ten published articles as well as more than 15 published AACE Recommended Practices, including “Forensic Schedule Analysis”, “Identifying the Critical Path”, “Planning & Accounting for Adverse Weather”, “Original Baseline Schedule Review”, and “Update Schedule Review”.   Mr. Carson was an Author and Editor for the book, “CPM Scheduling for Construction - Best Practices and Guidelines” published by PMI in 2014, contributing author for “Construction Project Scheduling and Control”, by Saleh Mubarak, contributing author for the “Time Management Procedures” by CMAA, and contributing author for the soon-to-be-published “Time is Real Money: A Practical Guide to Understanding, Explaining, and Recovery from Time Impacts on Construction Projects” by AACE/ABA (American Bar Association). As a member of the Expert List for the GAO (Government Accountability Office) for Cost, Schedule, and EVM (Earned Value Management) practices, he was a contributing author for the initial development of the “GAO Schedule Assessment Guide, Best Practices for project schedules”, 2012.

He was selected as an AACE International Fellow in 2013 “in recognition of professional attainment and significant accomplishment in cost management or cost engineering.” He was selected as the first founding Fellow of Project Controls by the International Guild of Project Controls in 2014, and a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) in 2015 for his individual achievement “as well as demonstrating significant career achievements and successes, it demonstrates a passion for developing the industry, sharing knowledge and supporting others in reaching their goals”.

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