Intentional Listening for Career Growth

Take Your Communication Skills to the Next Level and Grow Your Career

Do you prefer talking to listening?

Do you consider yourself a good listener or a poor one?

Believe it or not, most of us like talking more than listening because we find it easier. We have been schooled in speaking, reading, and writing but not much in listening. But remember that we have been given two ears and one tongue, so we should listen twice as much as we talk!

Listening is one of the most important skills you can have especially at the workplace. Effective listening is an art. It will help you understand another person’s thoughts, feelings and actions. When you listen to another person attentively and intentionally, you will create a bond between the two of you, which will promote the trust and relationship. 

Are you ready to dramatically enhance your listening skills?

To grow your career and move up the ladder of success in what you do, it is really important to improve your listening skills.

The importance of intentional listening is even more important in project controls and project management. Without listening to others in your project team and understanding them, you cannot remove barriers, influence others, and meet the objectives easily and effectively. With effective listening, however, you will be able to successfully lead the part of the project you are responsible for and create the maximum positive impact which will result in your career growth.

Is it possible?

The fact is that we have been schooled in speaking, reading, and writing for many years but not in listening. When you take your focus away from something, you do not consider it important, and that is what happened to listening. During our school years, the teachers and parents focus more on how to speak, read, and write properly but not much on how to listen properly, so we grow up with poor listening skills.

Becoming an effective listener takes time and practice. However, it is possible to  master your listening skills and it is totally worth it.

Whether your success is defined as moving up in your organization, making more money, boosting your relationships, having lots of friends, minimizing stress and maximizing your health, poor listening can be preventing you from experiencing that success.

Introducing Intentional Listening for Career Growth Training

For career growth, you need to build trust and relationship with stakeholders inside and outside your company. Honing your listening skills will help you gain access to people’s hearts and possess the master key to long-lasting relationships, trust, and respect.

In the Intentional Listening for Career Growth training, you will be equipped with practical tools, techniques, strategies, and solutions that help you become not only a better listener but also a more intentional listener that knows what to listen to and how to listen for the best outcome. 

"The reaction from my group after Mr.Akbarzadeh’s presentation was by far the most positive of any that I have sponsored or participated. After the seminar the group was genuinely excited and engaged, talking with, and clearly connecting with one another. Kamran is truly an inspirational and motivating presenter, with a gift of being able to connect with his audience. My team has truly benefited from the experience and I believe that Kamran can have a positive impact within any organization."

Darin Sutherland
Manager, Canada

How does it work?

This personal and professional development online training, delivered in 9 top quality modules, is the perfect opportunity for you and your team members to plug into one of the best trainings for discovering how to become an intentional listener and grow your career as a result. mastering your and get your passport to the peak of success. After successful completion of this training, you will be able to:

  • Listen more intentionally to what is said (and what is not said) and connect with those who talk to you at higher levels
  • Build great relationships with your managers, direct & functional reports, peers, and clients
  • Boost your performance and productivity as a result of more effective and intentional listening
  • Understand others and their needs better so you can respond in the best way possible that can build trust, relationship, and respect
  • Take your career or business to the next level
  • Get out of the 'blame game' mind set and become a leader that knows what to focus on


Talking vs. Listening

In this module, you realize the importance of listening and why it can be more effective than talking in helping you succeed. 


They Know!

In this module, you understand why others know that whether you are listening to them or not and why that matters.


Listening and Influence

In this module, you realize why effective listening can lead to positive influence which makes people follow you and respect you.


Hearing vs. Listening

In this module, you learn the major differences between hearing and listening and why it is critical to turn your focus to intentional listening.


Main Issues

In this module, you understand why most people are not good listeners and various issues that we face when we try to listen to others.


Why People Don't Listen to You?

In this module, you learn why people may not listen to you and what to do to make sure they listen more effectively to you and what you have to say..


Benefits of Intentional Listening

In this module, you realize the benefits of intentional listening and how it can help you take yourself and your career to the next level of success.


The Recipe

In this module, you learn a framework for boosting your listening skills and becoming an intentional listener. 


4 Levels

In this module, you discover four levels of listening and how you can move from one level to another and grow your career as a result.

"Kamran is dedicated to successful outcomes, intense and personable. I enjoyed working with Kamran as a person and a professional."

Jaff Pallister
Pallister Resource Management

What will you learn?

This will be a profound training packed with results-oriented strategies. It is not a training that focuses on theories and external factors; it focuses on understanding why it is critical to develop your listening skills and how to do that in simple yet practical ways. The value that you get out of this training will be much bigger than the investment that you make for attending it. 

Here is what you will learn:

  • What is intentional listening and why it matters
  • Why poor listening can prevent you from experiencing success
  • The hidden secret to career success
  • Why listening can be more important than talking
  • Why people know that you are not listening to them and why it matters
  • Why you can influence others through intentional listening and why it is important
  • 21 reasons why most people are not good listeners
  • 8 reasons why people do not listen to you and what to do about them
  • 8 benefits of intentional listening that motivate you hone your listening skills
  • A practical framework for boosting your listening skills
  • 9 signs of intentional listeners and how to become one
  • 4 levels of listening and how to move from an ordinary listener to a soul-conscious listener 

Who should take this training?

  • Project and Program Managers

  • Project Engineers

  • Project Controls Specialists
  • Engineering Managers and Discipline Leads

  • Project Team Members

  • Project Controls Managers

  • Business stakeholders with various roles in a project and/or program

  • Engineers and scientists
  • Senior Management

This personal and professional development video training is a great opportunity for you and your team members to go through a unique process, take your listening skills to the next level, and increase your career growth opportunities.

What Is the Tuition?

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This Training Comes with Awesome Benefits!

Access To "Ask The Instructor Forum"

Get access to a private online forum for Q&A, where the instructor personally answers your questions on a weekly basis.

Certificate of Completion and PDUs

Receive a certificate of completion upon successful completion of the training and claim 7 Professional Development Units (PDUs).

Handbook of All the Course Material

The PDF copy of the slides will be available for download. This becomes very handy when you want to recall the topics covered and the tools and strategies provided.

24/7 Access for 12 Months

This means you can study at your own pace, whatever time of night or day it happens to be or wherever in the world you might be. You will have full access to the entire training material for one year.

Thought Provoking Assignments

A practical assignment at the end of each module that will help you build your listening skills at the workplace and grow your career.

Coaching Questions

At the end of the training, Kamran will ask you some thought provoking coaching questions that help you take action and implement what you have learned right away.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the training within 15 days of your registration, you can request a refund, guaranteed!

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"Dream Achievers Academy’s products and services have moved me and my organization to great heights of development. "

Daniel Kiambi

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Kamran Akbarzadeh
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