Develop Robust Project Schedules with Ease in Primavera P6

Cut Your Scheduling Time in Half, Triple Your Schedule Performance, and Stand Out as a Scheduling Pro

(Without feeling overwhelmed, spending countless hours in schedule development & updates, and getting lost in schedule details)

If you’ve ever been involved in building a project schedule and later updating and reporting the schedule progress and performance, you know it’s not an easy task.

Developing a robust schedule, maintaining the schedule, and effectively communicating the schedule performance usually takes time and requires a set of skills.

One of the essential skillsets you need to master is working with a scheduling software, such as Primavera P6.

You not only need to know the ins and outs of how the scheduling software works, but also how you can quickly update and analyze the project schedule.

More than ever, accuracy, efficiency, and speed are vital in schedule maintenance and analysis. The project management team expects you to provide timely updates on the schedule status, advise the team on any potential schedule delays, and help the project team make informed decisions in meeting the schedule deadlines.

But you probably know that scheduling efforts can be quite time-consuming, requiring excessive effort to build and maintain a realistic schedule.

Have you ever wondered if there is a better and faster way to build and manage your project schedules in Primavera P6?

Interested in learning the step-by-step process of effectively developing, maintaining, and analyzing a project schedule in P6?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you are equipped with some practical, proven strategies that could help you cut your schedule development and maintenance time, leaving you more time for schedule analysis?

What If You Could….

Imagine that you could… 

✅   Master your skills in Primavera P6 and know the backbone of the scheduling software

✅   Develop a project schedule way more quickly and accurately than your team ever thought possible

✅   Cut the time needed to create or update a project schedule by at least 50%

✅   Accelerate or even automate your data entry in Primavera P6

✅   Create visual schedule dashboards that link directly to your Primavera P6 database or XER files, allowing you to get refreshed and updated error-free reports at a click of a button 

Sounds too good to be true?!

Yes, not everyone knows how to effectively utilize Primavera P6, integrate it with other tools, and boost the efficiency and speed of project scheduling.

Project schedules don’t necessarily need days or weeks to create!

That’s why we have developed an innovative, practical, and step-by-step training program in Primavera P6 that allows you to not only master Primavera P6 but also cut your scheduling time in half, triple your schedule performance, and make you stand out as a scheduling pro!


A hands-on online Primavera P6 training workshop

Practical Project Scheduling with Primavera P6 Training

Discover How You Can Develop, Update, Analyze, & Communicate Robust Project Schedules with Ease in Primavera P6

Schedule development, steps on building a schedule from scratch in Primavera P6, schedule updating & maintenance, schedule review, analysis, and communication are covered in this program.

Furthermore, you’ll be equipped with new and proven strategies in cutting the time in schedule development, updating, and reporting.

In simple words, this training will take you from A to Z in utilizing Primavera P6 in effectively scheduling your projects.

The principles shared in this training will allow any project professional at an entry or advanced level experience in Primavera P6 to build robust project schedules without feeling overwhelmed, spending countless hours in schedule development & updates, and getting lost in schedule detail.

Imagine not only mastering your skills in Primavera P6 but also saving time in schedule development and maintenance and automating your schedule data visualization and reporting!

It’s all possible through this hands-on training.

The series of the modules in this comprehensive applied course is designed to provide you with accelerated learning in project scheduling with Primavera P6.

Rather than getting overwhelmed with Primavera P6 functions and menus, you’ll learn the step-by-step process of effective and innovative project scheduling that works. By getting engaged in detailed hands-on case studies and assignments that mimic real-life projects, you’ll gain practical experience developing, maintaining, analyzing, and reporting a project schedule.

Our goal is not to just pass some information on to you and let you go! We want you to practice it. We want you to feel the difference this Primavera P6 course will make in your career.

Furthermore, we won’t leave you alone to figure things out on your own! For one year, the course instructor will be available to answer your questions and suggest solutions to the problems you encounter!

This hands-on course allows you to not only master Primavera P6 software but also cut your scheduling time in half, triple your schedule performance, and stand out as a scheduling pro!

Clement Suhendra

Project Manager

"I appreciate what goes in the course, the shortcuts, the techniques, and the best practices. I've done a couple of courses with Project Control Academy before and the structure, the experience, and the knowledge that you get out of the courses are the best out there."

Siya Mtolo

Field Project Planner-Scheduler

"A big thanks to Project Control Academy for a well-researched and harmonized P6 course. Beyond explaining the P6 manual, this course offers tips and tricks applicable to the real world. The training provides ways to mitigate troubles and time spent developing and updating project/operation schedules."

Course Outline & Agenda

The Project Scheduling with Primavera P6 online training course will be delivered in 10 sessions over the course of 6 weeks.

Each course session will introduce you to the Project Scheduling steps in Primavera P6 and take you from building a schedule to updating and maintaining the schedule, schedule review, analysis, and reporting. The course ends by providing you with a hands-on experience on schedule reporting using Power BI, enabling you to enhance your schedule visual reports and communicate your schedule information seamlessly and efficiently.

In addition, each session comes with hands-on, real-life workshops and case studies that help you fully grasp the content covered in each session, allowing you to have practical experience in building and managing project schedules in Primavera P6.

All you need to have is a basic understanding of scheduling concepts to get started. 

The sessions are delivered online via our private and secure learning management system (LMS). Each session takes around 3-4 hours, making the course complete within 6 weeks. 

You can start the course right away as soon as you enroll. If you cannot complete the course within 6 weeks, that’s totally fine. You have access to the entire course material and instructor support for one year and can take the course at your pace.  

Here is the course schedule and what is covered in each week of the program:


Week 1

Getting Started with Primavera P6/ Navigate Through Primavera P6


Learn the fundamentals of Primavera P6 to get started with project scheduling.

✅   Get a better understanding of Primavera P6 and its functionality 

✅   Understand the XER file to wrap your head around how data is transferred from a text file to Primavera P6 software

✅   Learn how to create WBS in Primavera P6, how to add activities, create and assign resources

✅   Navigate through Primavera P6 and shortcuts that will make your life easier as a scheduler



Week 1

Build & Accelerate the way you build a high level schedule


Build a small high-level schedule from scratch

✅   Explore faster methods of creating WBS

✅   Learn how to assign activities to WBS, how to link activities and assign resources to them to develop a resource loaded schedule, and what to watch for to avoid rework

✅   Learn how to utilize activity codes and resource codes to better arrange your schedule

✅   Understand the use of group, sort, and filter functions to look at the schedule from different angels


 🧩 Case Study (#1): Build a high-level schedule based on the information provided for a transmission line project.



Week 2

Build a detailed schedule


Build on your knowledge from module 2 and learn how to build a bigger and more detailed schedule in Primavera P6 and how to optimize & expedite the process using different tools

✅   Expand on the high-level schedule built earlier to produce a more detailed schedule in an efficient way using various tips and tricks

✅   Learn how to use XER Parser saving so much time in creating activity codes and WBS structure

✅   Explore how to use Excel imports to add activities to the schedule, so you can save hours in building a detailed schedule as compared to traditional methods 


Week 3

Resource load your detailed schedule


Learn effective ways to resource load your schedule and understand the resource requirements of your project

✅   Discover methods in expediting schedule resource assignments and adjustments

✅   Learn how to produce resource histogram and manpower curves both in Primavera and in Excel to get an understanding of the manpower you need to meet your schedule targets


 🧩 Case Study (#2): Build a detailed schedule based on the information provided for a transmission line project.




Week 4

Crash and level your detailed schedule


Quickly and efficiently make changes to your schedule; Use some proven techniques to crash and level your schedule.

✅   Explore the use of Global Change in crashing your project quickly and error-free

   Discover how to level your project schedule and what settings can alter the leveling process

✅   Learn how to use your activity codes in resource leveling so you can prioritize work as it fits the project

✅   Learn how to generate the longest paths on a leveled schedule so that the project team can prioritize work accordingly



Week 4

Perform Effective Schedule Review & Baselining


Perform effective schedule reviews and make your schedule ready for baselining

✅   Explore how you can use level of effort activities on a project schedule to get a good high-level understanding of your project at any time

✅   Learn how to check your schedule’s quality following the main DCMA rules

✅   Discover methods for performing an effective Schedule Review, Critical Path Analysis, Float Analysis, and schedule optimization before baselining

✅   Understand the importance of having a baseline schedule and how it will be essential for progress tracking and Earned Value Management Application

✅   Learn the different types of baselines in Primavera P6 and how you can use more than one baseline for the same project


🧩 Case Study (#3): Utilize the project built to date and produce resource histograms, level the schedule, and reviewing the schedule per DCMA’s 14-point assessment


Week 5

Update & Maintain the Schedule


Update and maintain a schedule in Primavera P6 through an effective method of requesting schedule updates and reflecting the updates on the schedule

✅   Discover how to ask for schedule updates effectively

✅   Learn how to use Excel imports to quickly add updates into the schedule

✅   Learn tips and tricks to update a large schedule swiftly, even if the updates come in the PDF form or even a printed copy

✅   Identify out of sequence work and how to deal with it

✅   Learn how duration types and % complete types can affect the schedule updates

✅   Learn how to deal with schedule change orders so you can easily add it to your schedule to see the impact of the change on your schedule

✅   Learn the process of re-baselining and how to incorporate the new information in your next reports


Week 5

Review, Analyze, and Communicate the updated schedule


Review & analyze the updated schedule and effectively communicate the schedule information

✅   Analyze the critical path and longest paths after a schedule update

✅   Analyze floats to effectively communicate project’s performance

✅   Learn to quickly analyze different issues with the schedule

✅   Discover what to present from the schedule

✅   Understand different schedule gauges and what they are (float, SPI, etc.)


🧩 Case Study (#4): Update the P6 schedule based on the information provided for a fertilizer facility upgrade project


Week 6

Integrate Primavera P6 with EVM & Power BI

Learn how to track project’s schedule performance using Earned Value in Primavera P6

Link your schedule to Power BI and create interactive visual dashboards

✅   Explore the Earned Value Management (EVM) feature in Primavera P6

✅   Explore how Power BI helps you build impressive visual schedule dashboards

✅   Learn how to link schedule data in Excel to Power BI

✅   Learn how to present your schedule data using Power BI



Week 6

Enhance Schedule Reports & Analytics with Power BI


Link your Primavera P6 database to Power BI and use this linkage to enhance schedule reports and dashboards.

✅   Learn how to link Power BI to Primavera P6 database and XER file

✅   Explore how to use the linked tables to generate different dashboards


🧩 Final Course Case Study (#5)Produce Power BI Schedule Visuals and Dashboards from the Schedule Built



How Does It Work?

To access the training, all you need is a high-speed Internet connection via Google Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer 9 or newer. You also need a login ID & Passcode to our private and secure learning management system (LMS), where you get access to the course videos and material. Your login details will be provided to you via email once you enroll.

The LMS platform we use is accessible via desktop computer, laptop, as well as mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Tablets, etc.

If you follow the program according to the weekly training schedule, you will be able to finish the course within 6 weeks. However, you’ll have access to the entire course material for one year after your enrollment. You can refer back to the course videos and material at any time.

You also have access to the instructor via the course LMS for one year to get guidance and support and answer your questions.

What You’ll Gain Upon the Completion of the Training

Primavera P6 is one of the most popular yet powerful project scheduling tools on the market for all industries.

If you are a project planner/ scheduler or interested in getting into project scheduling, learning Primavera P6 is a must.

Upon completion of this Primavera P6 training course, you will successfully master project scheduling techniques with Primavera P6 and will be able to implement this knowledge immediately in your day-to-day work.

To be more specific, below are some of the expected learning outcomes that you’ll gain upon the completion of this course:

📈   Learn how to build a project schedule from scratch in Primavera P6, perform effective schedule reviews, update the schedule, and finally review, analyze and communicate the schedule progress and performance.

📈   Discover how to cut tremendous time in tedious and time-consuming scheduling tasks using several new tools & techniques

📈   Utilize some proven tactics that help you cut down the time needed to update the schedule, even if the schedule updates come in a PDF format or on a printed copy!

📈   Explore how resource loading and leveling work in Primavera P6 and how you can use resource leveling effectively to steer your project in the right direction.

📈   Discover various methods of obtaining P6 data in Power BI so that you can formulate your own schedule KPIs and tremendously enhance your visual schedule data analytics and reporting.

📈   Get your project team excited about the schedule information and pique their interest in reviewing the schedule reports by learning how to present and communicate your schedule data effectively.

Upon the successful completion of the training, you will also receive an official certificate of completion and 45 Professional Development Units (45 PDUs or 4.5 CEUs) that you can claim towards your professional accreditations.




Develop, Manage, and Present Your Project Schedules More Efficiently, Accelerate the Way You Schedule Your Projects, and Free Up Your Time for Schedule Analysis


Jubreel Adeyemo

Planning Engineer

"A lot of information is shared in the course. I’m so impressed with all the scheduling tips and tricks. It was like a magic! I’m glad that I found this course and happy to be here."

Patrick Sebastian

Project Controls Professional

"A wonderful course on project scheduling with Primavera P6. The course goes in so much depth and provides very useful tips and strategies that can be implemented in our projects."

What Is UNIQUE About This Training?

Here are several key unique points about this Primavera P6 training that you wouldn’t find in other training courses in the market:

➡️   A highly practical training on Project scheduling with Primavera P6, where you learn Primavera P6 by actually building a sample project schedule and applying your learnings in every step of the process from schedule creation to schedule reporting. The course workshops and case studies mimic real-life projects and follow techniques used to schedule large-scale projects, enabling you to apply your learning in a project environment immediately and achieve a significantly more robust result.

➡️   Step-by-step implementation and guidance. This course will take you through a step-by-step journey to build, monitor, and control a robust schedule from the bid stage all the way to the monitoring and control stage. This course will not teach you a few tips on activities A001 or B001. Instead, you will learn how to build an ACTUAL schedule and how you can maintain it from A-Z.

➡️   Provides proven strategies in cutting the scheduling time in half, tripling the schedule performance, and making you stand out. This course is not only a Primavera P6 guide or a “know how to” course. This course goes beyond that. The course is designed to help you think outside the box and know the different techniques that can help you reduce scheduling time to free your time for analysis. This will help you stand out among your peers and add tons of value to your projects.

➡️   The instructor is not just a Primavera P6 instructor, but he has tremendous industrial experience. Mostafa Abdelrazik, the course instructor, transfers the knowledge he gained over the years in building and managing large-scale project schedules more effectively. You’ll learn his proven methods and techniques on what works and how you can save time in project scheduling.

➡️   Allows you to present and communicate your schedule data more effectively. The instructor has dealt with different project managers and upper managers who struggled with reading and understanding project schedules. He was able to simplify the process for them by developing different techniques and applying new tools such as Power BI to better present the schedule data and help the team get a better understanding over the schedule. You will be equipped with the same proven strategies for effective communication and reporting of your project schedules.

➡️   Provides support. You can ask the instructor any relevant question during the live sessions as well as after the course is completed for one full year! Furthermore, you will get new training material and resources on a weekly basis to ensure your continuous learning.

➡️   Provides an official certificate of completion and 45 Professional Development Units (45 PDUs or 4.5 CEUs).

➡️   The most reasonable price for the course, according to the market research analysis of other courses in the market. You will get the most value for the money invested.

Who Is This Training For?

This training is for you if…

✔   You are a project controls professional who seek to enhance your scheduling knowledge and learn more efficient methods to accelerate your scheduling process, so you can free up time for project analysis.

✔   You are a project Planner/Scheduler who is keen on enhancing your scheduling skills or taking your scheduling knowledge to the next level. Whether you are a junior, intermediate or senior scheduler, you will learn different ways to develop and maintain schedules more effectively and how you can automate many aspects of the scheduling process.

✔   You are a cost controller who is interested in learning how you can build and manage a schedule from scratch all the way to project completion. This can be a great boost to your career if you decide to shift from a Cost Controller role into planning/ scheduling or a broader Project Controls role.

✔   You are a project/ program manager who want to expand your knowledge and learn about efficient methods to develop and manage a project schedule. This course will give you a different prospective over scheduling and presentation of the schedule information, helping you better manage your projects and your team.

✔   You are project professional looking to enhance your skills in project scheduling with Primavera P6 and learn proven project scheduling methods that work, not just learning the software features and functions.


Is This Training For Me if ….

➡️   I have “No Experience” with Primavera P6

No problem at all - This training will allow any project professional, with little or no experience in Primavera P6, learn the step-by-step process in building and managing a robust schedule with Primavera P6.

➡️   I don’t have the Primavera P6 software 

No worries. You can download the latest version of the Primavera P6 software for free. We will show you the step-by-step process on how you can download a free trial of Oracle Primavera P6 Professional. You will be up and running at no time.

➡️   I work with Primavera P6 every day in my job

Although you have a working level experience with Primavera P6, you’ll still highly benefit from this training. This Primavera P6 training course will make you more efficient with schedule development, update, and presentation and equip you with tactics that will accelerate the way you do scheduling. This course makes you excel at your role as a planner/ scheduler and give you an edge over other schedulers.

Who Is This Course NOT For?

This training is NOT for those who….

❌   Don’t have a Project Controls/ Project Management background.

❌   Don’t have a basic understanding of project planning & scheduling concepts.

❌   Don’t deal with project schedules or have no interest in project planning & scheduling.

Are There Any Pre-Requisites to This Course?

This course is intended for project professionals who are keen on enhancing their skills in project scheduling with Primavera P6 and learn proven project scheduling methods that work, not just learning the software features and functions.

Although having a prior scheduling experience with P6 is a plus, it’s not required. You don’t need to have previous Primavera P6 experience (this course will take you from A to Z). However, to take the most out of the training, you need to have some basic knowledge of scheduling concepts.

If you are totally new to the project planning/ scheduling world, our recommendation is that you take the Project Scheduling Blueprint training first.

If you are an intermediate or senior scheduler, you will highly benefit from this unique Primavera P6 training by learning different ways to develop and maintain schedules more effectively and how you can automate many aspects of the scheduling process.

In this context, this training will provide extraordinary benefits for both Junior and seasoned Project Controls Professionals involved in a different array of disciplines such as planning & scheduling, cost control, and project management.

Is Any Software Required for The Course Case Study?


It is important to note that the course will include workshops and case studies using the Primavera P6 software.  

To be able to get the most out of this training, you need to download the latest version of the Primavera P6 software. We will show you the step-by-step process on how you can download a free trial of Oracle Primavera P6 Professional.

You’ll also need to install the latest version of Power BI software, so you can connect Primavera P6 with Power Bi and enhance the visual reports from your schedule. We will provide you with instructions on how to download Power Bi for free.

Finally, you need Microsoft Excel standalone or as part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite.

That’s it!

This Training Comes with Awesome Benefits and Bonuses that You Cannot Miss!

24/7 Access for 12 Months

Study at your own pace, whatever time of night or day it happens to be or wherever in the world you might be. 

Although the modules will be delivered every week for 6 weeks, you will have full access to the recorded sessions and course material for one year from the time of your registration.

Official Certificate of Completion and PDUs

Receive an official certificate of completion upon successful completion of the training and claim 45 Professional Development Units (PDUs) earned toward maintaining your license(s) with professional associations.

Course Material & Supportive Documents

Get the PDF copy of the course slides as well as additional bonus material and resources, such as checklists, templates, technical papers, etc.

In-Depth Case Studies

Solve in-depth case studies that help you comprehend the course content and enable you to experiment the real-life projects.

Private and Secure

Get access to all the training materials on our secure and robust learning management system using your private username and password.

Mobile Friendly

Get access to the course via computer, laptop, as well as mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Tablets, etc. This makes your learning more flexible & adaptable.

Access To "Ask The Instructor Forum" (Value: PRICELESS)

Get access to a private course environment for Q&As, where the instructor personally answers your questions on a weekly basis.

Depending on the number of questions on the course, we may also conduct monthly or quarterly live Q&A sessions with the instructor.

Two Months of  Complimentary Access to the EPPIC Program (Value: $218)

Confidently accelerate your career growth and projects success rates with the direct and continuous support of top industry experts in the Empowered Project Professionals Inner Circle or EPPIC specifically designed for growth-minded project professionals like you. You will receive 2 months of complimentary access to this premium membership program.

Special Alumni Discounts (Value: $300)

Receive exclusive discounts on future online training programs with Project Control Academy, as our valued client.

You Will Also Receive the Following Extra Bonuses for Early Sign-up

Primavera P6 Layouts

Get access to Primavera P6 layout plf files that you can use for various purposes such a schedule updates, high level schedule reporting, schedule lookaheads, …

XER Parser Template to import to Primavera P6

Use the Oracle Primavera P6 XER File Parser template for importing data to Primavera P6, saving time in tedious scheduling tasks such as creating activity codes, WBS structure, etc.

Power BI Templates for Scheduling Progress

Get equipped with pre-made Power BI templates for visual schedule progress reporting and analysis

Schedule Development Checklist

Get guidance on the recommended steps for schedule development and possible issues to watch for in the process

Schedule Update Checklist

Get guidance on the recommended steps for schedule updating process and how to perform schedule updates more efficiently

Shervin Karimianpour

Senior Project Control Engineer

"Thank you so much for arranging this professional training course. I really enjoyed this course and learned a lot of new tips and tricks, despite my 20 years of experience in developing EPC schedules and working with P3, P4, P5, and P6."

Trusted by Leading Companies

What Is the Tuition?

When you register today, in addition to getting exclusive 12-month access to the Project Scheduling with Primavera P6 online training program, you will also get a 12-month complimentary service and bonus training.

The value of the bonuses alone exceeds the course tuition!


Your investment:

Only $997
For the entire training program and the bonuses


With a $997 investment, you can begin your journey as a scheduling pro. The return on this small investment will be substantial once you learn how to develop, manage, analyze, and present your project schedules with ease in Primavera P6, accelerate the way you schedule your projects, and advancing your career to the next.


The return on investment (ROI) is definitely immeasurable.


Get ahead of the curve by learning how to develop more robust schedules with ease, cut your scheduling time in half, and tripling your Schedule Performance.


You can stand out as a Scheduling Pro!

Project Scheduling with Primavera P6
Online Training Program


✔  Online training delivered in 10 sessions over 6 weeks

✔  12  months of access to the instructor

✔  24/7 access to the training material for 12 months

✔  Great bonuses you don't want to miss

✔  Official certificate of completion and 45 PDUs

✔  Course material and supportive documents

✔  Private and secure learning management system


Full Payment Option

One Payment of $997 USD

Save $59 USD compared to the 3-payment option


3-Payment Option

Three Payments of $352 USD Each

1st Payment Today



At Project Control Academy, we’re absolutely confident that you will be completely satisfied with our Practical Project Scheduling with Primavera P6 training program or your money back. If after taking the training, you don’t feel 100% satisfied with the content or quality for ANY reason, then within 15 days of your purchase and submitting your first case study approach us and request your money back and we’ll fully refund your payment. This means that you can try this program for 15-days completely risk-free. That’s how confident we are you’ll be blown away by this training. We will NOT waste your time. We’ve built this program so you can walk out the door and DO what you learn.

Instructor’s Journey in Mastering Project Scheduling with Primavera P6

Mostafa AbdelRazik


I have gained vast experience in Project Controls and project planning/ scheduling, primarily working on mega projects with a budget of over one billion dollars in the infrastructure and industrial domains.

I started my journey with project scheduling, almost a decade ago, when I worked at a construction company. I loved scheduling since day one but also saw much room for improvement in all areas.

One of the biggest obstacles I faced developing schedules was how much time everything takes, getting the information, creating WBS, activity codes, assigning resources, etc. Also, the fact that many project managers look at the schedule as a contractual document and not paying it much attention.

I learned and developed different tools that helped me accelerate schedule development and update processes. I also learned what information PM’s like to look at. I started presenting schedules in an attractive way by integrating different new technologies with Primavera P6. I’ve been known for my speed and efficiency in creating schedules, tracking reports, and analysis reports.

My schedules have turned from a monster that no one knows to an update that everyone looks forward to seeing.

I will be sharing the lessons I learned over the years in this training with you, so you can successfully master project scheduling with Primavera P6 and implement this knowledge immediately in your day-to-day work.

My goal is to give you a new perspective about project scheduling and showing you how you can build more robust schedules with ease, cut time in schedule development and updating, and save time for schedule analysis and problem solving.

I believe this course will make a difference in your career path and will give you a competitive edge in the market.

Register now to discover how you can develop, update, analyze, and communicate robust project schedules with ease in Primavera P6

Full Payment Option

One Payment of $997 USD

Save $59 USD compared to the 3-payment option


3-Payment Option

Three Payments of $352 USD Each

1st Payment Today

Shohreh Ghorbani

Founder & Technical Director, Project Control Academy

This course is not only a Primavera P6 guide or a “know how to” course. The course is designed to help you think outside the box by equipping you with different techniques that can use to reduce scheduling time and free up your time for schedule analysis and problem solving.

You can stand out among your peers and add a ton of value to your projects by learning new approaches to project scheduling that actually work.

And we are here to support you in getting there!